The skinny on Clipper City Brewing's redesign

Clipper City Brewing is undergoing some noticeable changes in the new year. Here is Happy Drinker Rob, with the run-down:

Clipper City Brewing will be changing labels, and that means the guy on the "MarzHon" label wearing long black knee socks will disappear.

Founder Hugh Sisson (pictured) says that starting in February, his Pale Ale, Gold Ale, McHenry and MarzHon will lose their Clipper City look and moniker. They will be called Heavy Seas brews and get new labels.

Instead of Clipper City MarzHon, the beer will be known as Heavy Seas Marzen ...

The Heavy Seas Marzen label will lose the cartoon-like caricature of the MarzHon guy sitting on his front porch, in his undershirt and black socks.

That image and the whole Clipper City image does not register with beer drinkers who live outside the Baltimore area, Sisson said.

Too bad. I still will drink the beer, but I will miss the Hon guy.

(Baltimore Sun photo by Kim Hairston)

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