The cocktail list at Mr. Rain's Fun House makes me salivate

This afternoon, I snagged a copy of the drink list for the new Mr. Rain's Fun House from Elizabeth Large.

The selection looks decent: One sparkling wine, five whites and five reds, from countries such as Argentina, Austria, Spain and Australia, with prices ranging from $28-$40.

But the cocktail list is what really caught my eye. All the mixed drinks cost $12, which isn't too too bad.

The Ginger Julep looked snappy: Elijah Craig Bourbon, Campari bitters, ginger beer, muddled mint and ginger.

Another signature cocktail is The Ludlow (pictured), made with Bombay Dry Gin, Lillet Blanc, apple cider and cinnamon syrup. That sounds like prime wintertime toasting material, if you ask me.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Fun House Gin Tonic (I think they're missing a word somewhere in there), which is Bombay Dry Gin, Q Artisanal Tonic Water and muddled lime.

Artisanal tonic water, you say? Curious about what constitutes artisanal tonic water, I did a little digging ...

According to this site, which sells Q Artisanal Tonic Water at the low low price of $58 per case (plus shipping), Q is the best thing to happen to tonic water, well, ever. Check it out:

-Hand-picked quinine from the Peruvian Andes
-Organic agave as the sweetener
-60% fewer calories than regular tonic water
-All natural ingredients
-No high fructose corn syrup
-85% lower glycemic rating than other tonic waters

I don't know about you, but I only consume tonic water with organic agave and hand-picked quinine from the Perivan Andes. And the glycemic rating of my tonic water is VERY IMPORTANT to me. Hiccup.

(Baltimore Sun photo by Barbara Haddock Taylor)

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