'Survivor: Samoa' recap: Double the tribal council

Oh, gosh, remember last week how Shambo had that dream about how Dave was going home, but he didn't, and she was the only person who didn't vote for John? She's not amused.

But Russell just straight-up lies to her and says John was going after her and he didn't want her to have to break her word to him, so they kept this (false) news from her. She seems to buy it.

Jaison has an interesting conversation with Monica and Brett about who they would all vote for if they were on the jury. Monica and Brett say Russell would get a ton of votes, and Mick would too. Jaison tells them he had more of a role in making the decisions than people think, and he also spills that Russell doesn't need the money, that "he made $2 million last year." Sounds like Mick has been talking with Jaison!

The contestants meet up with Jeff Probst, and he drops the bomb that there's no reward, just immunity today. This one is a bowling matchup. The first round winners are Shambo, Russell, Dave Ball and Jaison. Round two winners are Shambo and Jaison. After the first round, you keep hearing the disembodied cheerleader voice of Natalie. It sounds like she's miked; it's weird. She's at the end of the bench holding the ousted players, so I think she's just the closed to the mike. Anyway, Jaison wins his second consecutive immunity! 

Back at camp, it sounds like everyone is focused on Dave, mainly to keep Shambo calm since she was confused last episode. Monica thinks she's being all suave and getting Russell to think about voting out Shambo, but I think he's just humoring her. Russell then goes to Dave and tells him that his best option was to come talk to him. I guess maybe I misunderstood what was going on with Monica and Russell -- now it seems like Russell is trying to get rid of Shambo now. 

Side note: If these contestants realized they were at tribal council at the 22-minute mark, they would so know this is a double-elimination episode! But, you know ... they haven't seen the edited version of their experience yet. 

Anyway, TC time! The main topic is unpredictability, with the subtext being that they never know what Shambo is going to do. Dave pretty much straight-up says that he's better to take to the end because he is not going to get all the votes. Despite the set up that Shambo was so gone, the votes come down, and they are for Dave. He's out. 

On their way out, Jeff points out that Foa Foa came into the merge with four and now they have the numbers advantage. Crazy.

The next morning, Russell says the next target is on Brett because he is too likable. Mick takes Russell aside to make sure they are still on the same side -- he is concerned that what he said at TC about if someone is likable or a threat, they have to go. Mick's nerves make Russell nervous, too.

Immunity challenge No. 2: There's water, bags, catapults. It's actually simpler than many challenges. Simpler to explain anyway. The catapulting of the bags into the basket is not easy. Brett gets a lead fairly early on and he keeps it, winning immunity. There goes that plan. 

Back at camp, Brett talks with Mick and Monica about how he thinks Russell is planning to take Natalie and Shambo to the end of the game, especially since people seem to like Mick so much.

By the way, I would like to take this opportunity to formally welcome Brett to the game. Nice to meet you ... finally.

Mick says: "It's a like a little kid sees a snake, and the snake like, 'Hey, come play with me! I'm not going to bite you. So the kid starts playing with the snake, and it bites him, and the kid's like, 'What happened, you said you weren't going to bite me.' The snake's like, 'I'm a snake; that's what I do.'" Brett points out that if he wants to make a big move against Russell, he would have some support.

Mick talks with Jaison about how confident he is that Russell is taking them to the end. 

Monica's not done. She talks with Russell about how she is keeping a lot of "threats" around. She says, among other things, that Jaison told her Russell can only play the idol through day 36. And she says that Natalie, oh, wait, she misspoke, Jaison also told her that Russell makes a lot of money, and she's voting on need. 

Russell goes to scream at Natalie for betraying his trust and sharing his secret, apparently ignoring what Monica actually said. The dude does have a problem with women, after all. Brett says he heard from Jaison that Russell makes a lot of money. Russell goes to talk with Jaison next, and Jaison realizes he could be in trouble. In the interview, though, Russell's women issues come up again when he says the Monica had to "run her piehole" and calls her " a little b*tch."

Then it's tribal council time again. Russell decides he's just going to wear the formerly hidden immunity idol so everyone knows he has it. Shambo says Russell got his feathers ruffled and didn't like that much; Monica says it was "awesome." She says she decided he needed to have his buttons pushed since he'd been pushing everyone's buttons every day.

OK, this is pretty brilliant because even if they had been planning to vote for Russell, he just prevented it, and he gets to hold onto the idol, too. Unless he's just posturing, not planning to play it, and people voted for him anyway. Now that would be awesome.

Russell doesn't play the idol, and here come the votes: Monica, Russell, Monica, Russell, Monica and Monica. 

Well, it would be been mind-boggling to have another major surprise, but I think things have been stirred up an awful lot tonight. Next week should be fun!

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