Prediction Thursday/Friday: Ravens-Raiders

It almost seems like a shame to shut the doors on Friday.

It has been one heck of a busy week at Connolly’s, thanks, in part, to the Ravens and their rabid/disgruntled fans.

The bottom line is if you like drama, Sunday should provide you with plenty. If the Ravens beat the Oakland Raiders – and they should – then we can unabashedly talk playoffs (Playoffs????) next week.

If not, then I’m sure I’ll be talking some of you off the second-floor bathroom ledge. That’s part of a good barkeep’s responsibilities along with tapping kegs and doling out charm to the more attractive female customers (the last one is not applicable in this joint).

Anyway, we will be dark on New Year’s Day and the weekend, and hopefully we’ll resume with the same fervor on Monday.

Please have a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Now, to the last Prediction Friday (which is, again, Prediction Thursday) of the NFL’s regular season: I don’t see the Ravens losing this one.

The pattern has been set. The Ravens beat bad teams and lose to good teams – or at least ones with proficient quarterbacks.

That means the Raiders shouldn’t be a huge problem. Although it’s never easy to play there – I covered the AFC Championship in the Coliseum in 2001, and it really is a madhouse.

My thought: Ravens 24, Raiders 10.

Ray Rice is the hero as he runs for 150 yards and two TDs.

Your turn. Make it a good one (predict the score and the game’s hero). It could be, gulp, the last one of the season.

Daily Think Special: Prediction Thursday/Friday: Ravens-Raiders.

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