New BYOB restaurants


Jo Ann has a question:

We were wondering if any new BYOB restaurants have opened in the Baltimore/Harford county areas since your article in 2/08.

I'm not sure what she means by my "article," but I'm assuming it was the print edition of this Top 10.  I don't have any suggestions for her, but maybe one of you does. ...

In fact, it seems to me fewer restaurants without liquor licenses have been opening lately, but that's just my vague impression. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Grano in Hampden, and I think she means Baltimore county, not Baltimore city.

If there did happen to be enough BYOBs that weren't in my first Top 10, that might be worth another list. In a weak economy, people seem to appreciate BYOBs more.

(Algerina Perna/Sun photographer)

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