MacPhail: Business as usual

There were not major revelations during Andy MacPhail's 6 p.m. media briefing. The Orioles, he said, are not so close to any deal that it is "a phone call away," but he indicated that today has been a very busy and productive day of meetings with agents and clubs.

He did confirm earlier reports that he had met with the representatives of Aroldis Chapman, but said that Alan and Randy Hendricks are retracing the steps that Chapman's previous agent already had completed, so the process is still in its early stages and the Orioles are still involved.

MacPhail also confirmed the meetings with SFX -- which represents, among others, Erik Bedard -- and multiple conversations about a potential pitching deal, presumably the possible trade for veteran pitcher Kevin Millwood.

The Orioles do have the medicals on Bedard and have no ruled out making him an offer, though there are rumblings out of the Mariners organization that he won't be ready to pitch until late next season. It's not surprising that the agents and Bedard's former club would have differing opinions on his outlook, but the MacPhail said in all cases involving injured players the O's would go with the evaluation of their own medical staff.

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