Greektown: the other Little Italy

Other Reviewer Richard reviewed the Acropolis in today's paper, and within the review he discusses the restaurant as part of Greektown and says what role he sees the other restaurants there having.

I don't think of Greektown as a neighborhood of restaurants in the same way as I do Little Italy, but of course it is.

The four he mentioned, Ikaros, Samos, Zorba and the Acropolis, are the mainstays; but over the years other Greek restaurants have come and gone, and I think I reviewed most of them. ...

None of them had much staying power.

I'm not sure why these survived and the others didn't. Some of them were pretty good. But the one thing that never happened was that an upscale Greek restaurant tried to open in the neighborhood (that I remember).

And before you say "upscale Greek restaurant" is an oxymoron, consider the now-closed Taverna Athena in Harborplace, or the also closed Opa! on Aliceanna, which both did pretty well while they were around.

Or, of course, the best example of them all: the Black Olive in Fells Point.


(Algerina Perna/Sun photographer)

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