Gender neutral food

Gender neutral food? No such thing, John. Here's our Shallow Thought Wednesday guest poster John Lindner, who only now found out. EL

Recently, and for the second time in my life, a passing observer informed me that I was eating “guy food” (and both times the observer, a woman in each case, said it with a tone of disdain, real sneery like).


I was eating steak. All the meat-eating women I know enjoy steak. Since when is steak manfood? ...  

I get that some foods are daintier and some brawnier, but male and female?

Not content to mope through life in ignorance, I surveyed a group of women. I asked first if they recognized some foods as guy and some as gal. They said yes. I requested examples. Here is the result of the survey:

Guy Food: Steak, hamburger, chili, hot dogs, pizza (pizza!!??).

Gal Food: Asian salad, chocolate (!!??), Chinese food.


Now I’m going to sit back and await the sage responses of the Elizabethans. Because I am in shock.           

Can food be classified as man and woman food? If so, lists please.
(Photo by William Stadler courtesy StockXchng)    

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