Would you be willing to give Mark Teixeira a mulligan?

I am back. The bar is open. Hope you are thirsty.

Not sure where to start. We could talk about the Ravens and that big win against the Denver Broncos. But that’s old news now.

We could talk about the upcoming game against the Bengals, but we still have some time for that.

We could discuss the Orioles’ recent moves, but they are so minor they are not worth your hard-earned two cents. Instead, we are going to rehash one of our favorite subjects – at least since this dive has been open.

While I’ve been off, I have been keeping one bleary eye on the World Series. And one thing is apparent to me: Baltimore’s curse on previously favorite son Mark Teixeira seems to working.

At least partially.

Teixeira, a career .290 hitter, is batting .172 this postseason. He has just four extra-base hits in 67 plate appearances in the New York Yankees’ three playoff series.

Still, heading into Wednesday night’s Game 6, Teixeira is one win away from a World Series championship ring, the ultimate prize that Baltimore’s voodoo doctors kept away from Mike Mussina for all those years in pinstripes.

If Teixeira wins one – and I’m pretty sure he is going to – we’ll have to line up shots on the bar for many of you.

When Teixeira signed with the Yankees last December and said at his news conference that he dreamed of being a Yankee and wore a Yankees hat to Camden Yards, many of you immediately cursed him.

Deep down, though, you know how good he is. And you also know what the Orioles most need right now to compete is a power-hitting first baseman in his prime who is either a switch-hitter or a right-handed hitter. Teixeira, who grew up in Severna Park, really was the perfect fit.

I am not asking you to cry over spilled beer. But here is my fictitious scenario for the day. Assume for a minute that Tex could opt out of his Yankees contract after one year and that shiny ring on his finger if he said he wanted to come home.

Would you let bygones be bygones and welcome the prodigal son into the Orioles’ nest? Or did he lose you forever at that press conference, no matter how much he would help your team?

Here are the ground rules: If he came back, he wouldn’t have to apologize for his previous comments. He wouldn’t have to give back his ring. He’d still cost the Orioles $180 million or so. But he’d be with the Orioles at a time when they could really use him.

Well, what do you do?

Daily Think Special: Would you be willing to give Mark Teixeira a mulligan and an olive branch?

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