Who makes the playoffs: Ravens, Steelers, none or both?

Remind my not to invite Las Vegas oddsmakers to the bar anytime soon. It’s amazing how accurate some of those spreads can be.

Indianapolis was favored by 1 point in Baltimore on Sunday. I saw it at 1.5 in some places. And the Colts won by 2. That’s scary good.

It really wasn’t a surprise that Sunday’s game was close, and that the Ravens dropped it to the only undefeated team in the NFL.

No one in the bar this weekend, however, expected such a low-scoring affair. Only Christian (28-27) had the Colts winning by two or fewer. He gets a drink chip. Woody wins the free bar tab for the week with his 20-17 Colts victory, which he said would be won on a Matt Stover field goal.

Basically, he was right, so drink up Woody.

Incidentally, no one had Billy Cundiff making five field goals – or missing a sixth. And no one had Flacco and Co. failing to get into the end zone.

If you want a bright side – and I am not exactly Mr. Silver Lining – here is one: The rest of the AFC isn’t exactly tearing it up. If the Titans can beat the Texans Monday night, there will be only seven teams over .500 in the conference.

Six make the playoffs, and the Ravens are really just a game out of the wild card. Another shot of optimism (it’s rum, tequila and orange Shasta) for you: At least the Ravens didn’t lose to the Chiefs.

Somehow the Steelers are 6-4 after losing in Kansas City. That sets up an intriguing matchup next Sunday night in Charm City between the Steelers and Ravens. The two teams that were in the AFC title game last season are now fighting for their playoff lives.

Yeah, I am talking playoffs.

Daily Think Special: Who makes the playoffs: Ravens, Steelers, none or both?

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