Who has the cheapest Natty Bohs in town?

Faithful Midnight Sun readers know, I'm not Natty Boh's biggest fan.

I usually only drink the stuff if I'm desperate, broke, on a bender or all three.

Still, I can't deny Natty Boh's rich history here. That's why you can still get the stuff really cheap at local bars. Usually, it's as cheap as -- if not cheaper than -- Miller Lite.

It's been a loooooooooooong time since I last posted about the cheapest Boh in town. That was more than two years ago, which is an eternity on the Interwebs.

Two of the bars people suggested (Cheerleaders and Red House Tavern) on that post have since closed. ...

I still believe Frazier's on The Avenue has $1 Bohs, but I don't know about the Natty Boh Lounge, since it's under new ownership. I looked around online, and there doesn't seem to be a solid list of the best Boh specials in town.

So I ask you, Midnight Sunners, to help me find the best Natty Boh specials in town. Bar owners, feel free to post about your own deals, too.


(Baltimore Sun photo by Barbara Haddock Taylor)

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