Which athlete's life story would you like to see become a movie?

Yeah, it’s true I have been away too long.

But you have to give me credit for coming back with a flourish, getting half the bar stirred up about Mark Teixeira in November.

I may not be bright, but like they said about me during my entire educational career, I can stir it up.

Now, to answer the question posed from Rob K. and the other regulars, my time off was not Steve Phillips-esque. There was no forced vacation, no revealing text messages and no rabbits in pots during the entire week the bar was dark.

I simply took some time off after the long baseball season, but it had to be delayed a little bit.

So everything’s cool and there is no need to Google my name with “arrest” or “fired.” Certainly not yet, anyway.

Today’s topic is something we have hit on before. But it has been 18 months or so.

Wednesday evening I attended a screening of “The Blind Side,” the movie based on the book that was based on the life of Ravens’ offensive lineman Michael Oher.

I’ll give you my thoughts about the film at a later time.

I really enjoyed the book and was eager to see how it translates to the big screen. I also was also looking forward to seeing Sandra Bullock for 90 minutes. That’s one of life’s small pleasures.

Plus, this one movie is going to open up a whole lot of cool topics here for the next couple of weeks. Let’s get one out of the way quickly.

Oher’s story – a disadvantaged teen living from home to home was befriended by a rich family that helped him realize his potential – is an inspiring one and deserves to be told.

My question is this: Which athlete’s story – local, national or international -- would you like to see made into a movie? One that already hasn’t been told by Hollywood.

This is a serious inquiry, but I am sure we’ll get some jokers to chip in, and that’s cool too. Just keep it clean.

Daily Think Special: Which athlete’s life story would you like to see become a movie?

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