Vegetarian dinner No. 1


Faithful readers know that my daughter is off meat and poultry at the moment, so I decided I should try to cook vegetarian dinners every night until Thanksgiving.

If I weren't on vacation, I would tell her to suck it up and eat what's on the table (usually take out), but I feel with a little more free time than usual I can afford to cater to her every whim. Plus my husband likes vegetarian meals. ...


Tonight's dinner was a cheese souffle; lima beans; spring mix, spinach and avocado salad; and leftover butternut squash from last night (that we had with the lamb chops we had last night before she got here).

Have you tried the already peeled and cubed butternut squash that the Giant and Whole Foods are carrying this year?  (I'm assuming the other supermarkets are, too, if both of them are.) I don't remember seeing it before.

It's so easy. I'm sure some of the nutrients are lost, but it's a great help when you get in from work late. You just boil the cubes till tender (about 10 minutes) and then mash them with a fork with butter, salt and pepper and a little maple syrup or brown sugar if you like.

Do you think it would be bad to buy some ground beef and make a hamburger on a bun for lunch tomorrow? That wouldn't count, would it? I mean, everyone is on his own for lunch, right?

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