'The Amazing Race' recap: Who's mad at whom?

Heeeeere's Bucky with his take on this week's Amazing Race:

This week’s leg begins with all of the teams heading to the airport to book a flight from Estonia to Prague, where they need to find a man in a Praga (after they figure out what a Praga is) for their next clue.  In the course of searching the internet for flights, eagle-eyed Megan spots a picture of a Praga, which turns out to be a Czech car.  This gives her a big advantage, which she needs to offset the fact that her partner is that dope Cheyne.
Everyone takes the same flight and when they arrive, Megan & Cheyne, Sam & Dan and the Globetrotters grab taxis and head for the city square where the Praga awaits.  Brian & Ericka follow the advice of someone on the airplane and take the subway into town.  This is a bold, make-or-break move on their part.

Megan & Cheyne arrive at the square first followed closely by Sam & Dan who, however, still need to figure out what a Praga is before they can … No! Wait!  They see Megan & Cheyne and decide just to follow them. (Recall that Sam & Dan whined and complained last week about the Globetrotters using this same “hitch your wagon to the right star” strategy.  So besides being whiners, Sam & Dan are hypocrites, too.)

Megan & Cheyne get the next clue first, followed by Sam & Dan then the Globetrotters.  All head for the first challenge where they choose between “Fast & Furious” (navigating a whitewater kayaking course) or “Slow & Steady” (traversing a ropes course.)
Meanwhile, back on the train, Brian and Ericka are sightseeing on the leisurely ride to town.  They finally figure out that their bold move was not a good choice, get off the train and hail a taxi.
Sam & Dan arrive at the challenge first and decide to take the Fast & Furious route to stardom.  Megan & Cheyne decide on Slow & Steady and harness up for the ropes course, followed in short order by the Globetrotters.
Sam & Dan turn Fast & Furious into their normal bickering routine when they capsize their inflatable kayak three times and have to start over after all three miscues.  I know we have Reality Check commenters rooting for them to win, but I don’t know why.

Flight Time traverses the ropes course first, followed by Cheyne, then Megan.  Big Easy struggles, because he has a lot of body to move along that rope.  Flight Time starts down the finishing tower and Cheyne yells at him to hurry up.  He accuses Flight Time of going slow on purpose, to allow time for Big Easy to finish the challenge.  If you replay the recording of this part of the show in slow motion, you can actually see the little light bulb go off over Flight Time’s head as he realizes Cheyne’s accusation is exactly the correct strategy to use.  Way to go, Cheyne.  Flight Time descends even more slowly.  Big Easy catches up; Megan & Cheyne and the Globetrotters get the next clue and head for the train station pretty much together.  On the way, Megan agrees to work with the Globetrotters to get to the next destination.
Oh, somehow, Brian & Ericka manage to get to the square, figure out what a Praga is, catch a taxi and arrive at the challenge as Sam & Dan switch tasks to Slow & Steady before one of them drowns.  They head out on the ropes as Brian & Ericka harness up.  Predictably, they commence to arguing about the right way to traverse the ropes, giving Brian & Ericka a chance to overtake them.  No, wait.  Ericka, just as predictably, struggles on the ropes and Sam & Dan regain their lead.

Back to the station where the newly allied Megan & Cheyne and Globetrotters are waiting for a train.  Suddenly, a taxi appears and Cheyne drags Megan off to it, leaving the Globetrotters to fend for themselves.  In the taxi, Megan lectures Cheyne about being rude.  Cheyne lectures Megan (who up to now has had to use a “hit the ball, drag Cheyne, hit the ball, drag Cheyne” race strategy) about how to win The Amazing Race.  Humpf.

Megan & Cheyne arrive at the Detour first, followed by Sam & Dan, who stole Brian & Ericka’s waiting taxi back at the ropes course, followed by the Globetrotters.  The task is for one member of the team to search the Prague Opera House for hidden miniature musical instruments which, when they find one and deliver it to “Don Giovanni” on the stage, will earn them the next clue.
Inexplicably, Megan agrees to let Cheyne perform the task.  Dan searches for his team and Big Easy for the Globetrotters.
It takes them all about the same amount of time to find a miniature musical instrument, so they head to the Pit Stop in that order, with Megan & Cheyne finishing first again and earning a Travelocity-sponsored trip to Lana’i, which is the best island to visit in Hawai’i, if you want my opinion.
Brian & Ericka show up at the Opera House as Sam & Dan are leaving and a moment of high drama ensues (over the stolen taxi) as they pass each other.  But, dang it, no blows are thrown. Ericka performs the task for them, taking so long that Brian has time to have lunch and “Don Giovanni” has time to take a nap before she finishes.  They arrive at the Pit Stop last and are immediately elimina… No! Wait!  This is a non-elimination leg, again.  So they are still alive and racing.

Next week we will find out who the final three teams are and it should be a doozy, because the Globetrotters still have to fulfill their vendetta against Sam & Dan from last week and now Brian & Ericka have to get revenge for the stolen taxi.  And Cheyne is due some payback for breaking the alliance with Big Easy & Flight Time.

What all that means is there is still hope that all the other contestants will do each other in and Megan will finish the race alone, and win the million-dollar prize for her cute, determined and polite self.

What did you think of last night’s episode?  Are there still any Sam & Dan fans out there?   

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