Sonar is still open, but the Talking Head is being phased out

Sun writer Mark Gross and I made some calls this morning and found out more information about Sonar's line being disconnected and rumors of the Talking Head closing.

Though its Web site survived and its Twitter account continued to be updated, the direct line to Sonar, 410-783-7888, was disconnected.

Surely, this must be an ominous sign, right?

Manager Lauren Friant cleared the air. Friant says the disconnected number was an "accident." Apparently, someone forgot to pay the bill ...

That said, the line should be reconnected today, says Friant, and all scheduled shows are a go for both Sonar and the Talking Head.

Soon after Mark spoke to Friant, talent buyer Adam Savage called me with some details about the Talking Head. The powers that be at Sonar are interested in turning the Talking Head room into a lounge again, potentially with food, Savage said. The space will still host shows -- just sporadically, Savage said.

"I didn't want to make some big thing about it closing, because I don't want it to close," he said. "But I'm not actively booking it."

(Baltimore Sun archive photo)

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