Restaurants with beautiful holiday decorations


My daughter and a couple of friends had drinks at Crush in Belvedere Square Friday night. (Drinks also meant lobster mac and cheese, which I kind of liked.)

She says it's already beautifully decorated for the holidays, and that made it very festive.

Decorations are important this time of year as people choose the restaurants where they want to have their office parties or meet friends for dinner. Faithful readers know that every year we meet friends at the Ambassador a few days before Christmas, specifically because the restaurant's enclosed terrace is so beautifully decorated with two fireplaces, fairy lights, greens, red ribbons and candles.

But other than that, when readers ask me for recommendations I can't be of much help. ...

I see this as a possible Top 10 Tuesday (which I don't have one of as yet for tomorrow) except that I only get to about four restaurants a year that have their holiday decorations up.

So now I've got two possibilities: Crush and the Ambassador. Anybody want to nominate any others? 

(Photo taken at Crush by Gailor)

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