Prediction Friday: Ravens-Colts

Back to football for a weekend.

It’s Prediction Friday, so dust off your crystal balls.

Or just go with the opposite of what I say. Although, like just about everyone else, I did correctly predict Monday’s Ravens’ win in Cleveland.

This one, though, is going to be a little tougher for the Ravens (Who says I am not a football expert? How about that for inside analysis?).

Honestly, I don’t see the Colts blowing out the Ravens as some prognosticators have hinted. I think the Ravens will be down early, make a solid comeback, maybe make it 20-17, and then, ultimately, lose on a fourth-quarter drive by Peyton Manning.

I just don’t see the Ravens’ D hanging with Manning for four quarters.

My call: Colts 27, Ravens 17. Manning is the game’s hero, throwing three TDs, two to Reggie Wayne.

Sorry, doesn’t make me feel good either. I’m a native Baltimoron, remember. Predicting the Indianapolis team, whatever they are called, to win in Charm City will always be painful.

But it’s happened before, and I assume it will happen again.

Daily Think Special: Predict the score and hero of Sunday’s Ravens-Colts game.

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