Harbaugh rooting against Terps just for a day

When the Terps men's basketball team plays against Indiana as part of a Big Ten/ACC Challenge matchup Tuesday night, Ravens coach John Harbaugh will be wearing Hoosiers red.

Indiana coach Tom Crean is Harbaugh's brother-in-law, and Harbaugh said that link is the reason why he will be supporting the Hoosiers.

"[Terps coach] Gary [Williams] does know Iā€™m rooting against him," Harbaugh said today. "I let him know that ā€“ in no uncertain terms ā€“ that this is the only game of the year that the Harbaughs will be rooting against him and the Terps. Blood is thicker than water."

As an addendum, Harbaugh acknowledged that his stand may not sit well with his employer.

"[Ravens owner and noted Terps supporter] Steve Bisciotti is not really happy about it," Harbaugh said.

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