Got Bruce Springsteen general admission tickets? Read this.

If you somehow managed to swindle your way into the much-coveted general admission tickets for Friday's Bruce Springsteen show at 1st Mariner Arena, there are a few things you need to know.

Actually, kind of a lot of things you need to know. The show's promoters released a 10-point plan for a lottery among general admission ticketholders. Here it is ...

In an effort to help provide fair and equal opportunity for close access to the stage for general admission customers, a random numbered wristband lottery will be performed the afternoon of the show to determine which patrons will be first to enter the general admission floor area. Patrons may choose to enter the lottery in an attempt to gain closer access to the stage.

General Admission Floor ticketholders who choose not to participate in the lottery are free to enter the show at the opening time of doors: 6:00pm and will have access to the floor area located behind lottery participants. A limited number of lottery "winners" will gain access to a small designated "front GA floor" area closest to the front of the stage. Below are some of the rules and procedures pertaining to the lottery.
1. On the day of the show, sequentially numbered wristbands will be distributed beginning at 1PM. This will take place at the Baltimore Street Doors. Wristbands will be distributed until 4PM. **(No more lottery/floor wristbands will be distributed until after doors are open)**
2. One wristband per patron, and the patron must be in possession of their GA ticket.

3. After the patron's ticket has been verified as a GA ticket. A wristband will be issued and affixed to the patron's wrist.

4. Wrist banded patrons may leave the premises but must return by 4:30PM.

5. A starting number will be randomly picked at 4:30PM. A patron will draw the starting number. This number will be announced at the gate.

6. The patron wearing the wristband that matches the starting number will be first in line.

7. All other patrons with GA tickets and a wristband should begin lining-up sequentially behind   that patron. This line will then be processed and escorted into the area in front of the stage, when the venue/tour are ready to open doors.

8. Anyone who receives a numbered wristband prior to doors has a chance to be first in line to enter the Front Area, but a wristband does not guarantee a place in the Front Area.

9. A second wristband will be required to enter the Front GA Area.

10. The purpose of the random number distribution is to insure that all GA patrons have the same chance of being first in line, eliminating the need to camp out. This policy also helps to insure customer safety and provides for an effective means of crowd control.

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