'Dancing With the Stars' recap: It's finals time!

So who's going to win this season of Dancing With the Stars? We'll get the first inkling of an answer in tonight's performance finale. (Oh, and you can have your say in our poll here.)

The first couple to take to the stage is Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel. Since we've got some time to kill, we spend the first part of the segment reliving the entire season's dances. After that, Carrie Ann Inaba comes in to work with them and give them some tips on their Argentine tango, mostly trying to get Kelly to be more comfortable with the intimate moments of the dance. It seems to help, as their tango is very intense, and their chemistry is better than usual in the more romantic dances. I feel like Louis is such a good partner and leader that he's guiding Kelly through this dance more than she's actually dancing it, if that makes sense. I mean, she does a pretty good job with it (though her posture is a bit off-kilter), but he's just so dominant. Head judge Len Goodman says Kelly epitomizes what this competition is about: as someone who has no dance experience, she has transformed into a dancer. He says she danced "right up there." Bruno Tonioli says she's been the revelation of this season because of her dedication and hard work. He didn't love her loose free hand, but it was still very good. Carrie Ann says she's proud of how far she came, especially with the emotional connection. Scores:  9-9-8, for a 26/30.

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin get a visit from Len while they are rehearsing for the paso doble. He pushes them to bring more and more intensity, more power, more aggression, more snap.  They bring that intensity to the dance floor in the performance as they dance to "We Will Rock You." That's purely me speaking as an amateur, though. Also, the audience looooves it. Bruno says it was fearless and flamboyant and amazing. Carrie Ann dubs her "the queen of the paso doble," adding that it was hot and dynamic. Len says the pressure in this final is crazy, but they came out "like the no-stress express." He says it's right up there with his favorite paso of all the seasons, Mel B and Maks'. Scores: 10-10-10, for a 30/30.

Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson work with Bruno on their cha cha, especially his technique. The tweaks from Bruno definitely help because during the performance, Donny just parties down and looks like he's actually having a good time, instead of looking like he's trying to sell the idea that he's having a good time, and a lot of his moves are sharper than they've been all season. At this point, I think, "Dang, he could win this thing." Carrie Ann wants to know where those hips came from, saying he had a breakthrough in the finals. Len says, "That was a cha cha cha!" Bruno says Donny is a credit to his profession, adding that "I shouted at him for an hour," and he took it all in and reacted like a professional. Scores:  9-9-9, for a 27/30.

Next is the "megamix," which has the three couples doing the same choreography side by side, part of it is Viennese waltz, part is samba and part is jive. They'll get ranked first, second and third and get scores accordingly. It's tough to judge this thing because your eyes are drawn to the three women in their sparkly costumes, but of course, Kym the pro is outdancing Kelly and Mya. I hardly notice Donny at all. But I do see Kelly have a bit of trouble with the jive. They all do well with it, though. I'm glad I'm not doing the scoring. Len says he thought it was going to be easy to judge, but he was wrong, which shows how close they all are. Bruno liked them all. Carrie Ann agrees with both of them and adds that Donny was holding strong with pros. Third place goes to Kelly (26 points), second is Donny (28) and Mya gets first (30).

Lastly, it's the freestyle! I love the freestyle!

Kelly and Louis are first, and they're dancing to "I Will Survive," which she says represents her journey on the show. (Especially the "at first I was afraid, I was petrified" part ...) Anyway, in rehearsal, Louis pushes her to do a bunch of different tricks, and in the performance, I'm kind of thinking she should have questioned him more because they have a few fumbles. (Also, the shoulders of her dress are killing her lines. KILLING. DEAD!) But to their credit, they just keep on pushing and smiling and having a grand old time. Bruno says she has never looked more beautiful and she delivered the glitz and glamor of the disco era. He adds that falling on the floor was actually part of the era. Ha! Carrie Ann says this is all about giving the audience what they want to see, and that's what they did, showing that when they fall, they get back up and when they forget, they keep smiling. Len says he thoroughly enjoyed watching them. Before the scores, Kelly says that one of the lifts ended up looking like "Louis pooped me out." Hahaha ... dying here. Scores: 8-8-8, for 24/30 and a total 76/90.

Mya and Dmitry go with a Hairspray-themed freestyle after a little discussion. It's fun and fast and technically really good, but I feel like they aren't connected with each other very much. (And, sorry to invoke So You Think You Can Dance, but this song will always make me think of Benji and Donyelle's amazing performance.) Not that I didn't like Mya and Dmitry's performance -- they were great. It just lacked a little edge of something for me. Carrie Ann says it was high energy and fun, "but not outstanding to me. ... It didn't showcase you, Mya, you're so much more than that." Len says there was a sameness about it, and it never went anywhere. Bruno says she had vibrancy and joy and never lost beat, but he was expecting something a little more spectacular, "but it wasn't bad." Scores: 9-9-9, for a 27/30 and an 87/90 total.

Donny and Kym decide on a Broadway-themed number to showcase Donny's strengths, but they want to surprise the judges with some lifts, too. It's got personality and speed and entertainment, but it's not my favorite. Not that it wasn't fun. Len says it was "an absolute  showstopper." Bruno calls him "Mr. Showbusiness at his best! ... You are the master!" Carrie Ann welcomes him to the hall of fame of the freestyle. Scores: 10-10-10, for a 30/30 and a total 85/90. 

What do you think the results are going to be? My prediction is that Donny takes home the trophy. Mya's been a stronger dancer overall this season, but Donny has a bigger fan base and he finished strong.


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