Concert review: A Cool Stick at Rams Head Live

Since I've become the de factor music writer here, I haven't had the chance to see as much local music as I'd like to. Midnight Sun guest poster Katherine McNaboe was at Rams Head Live last week to catch the local group A Cool Stick. Here are her thoughts:

If I had to choose one word to describe local hip-hop group A Cool Stick, it would be energetic. As the fourth of five bands at a Rams Head show Thursday night, the band performed an incredibly lively hour-long set of hip-hop, rap, reggae and rock, a balanced mix of covers and their own stuff.

Singer Luke O'Brien and singer/keyboardist John Fitch looked like they've been doing this for years the way they engaged the audience with their goofy smiles, fresh lyrics and smooth moves -- particularly O'Brien’s moon-walking ...


The guys' genuine excitement about playing a venue like Rams Head -- and celebrating the release of their first CD -- really came through in the performance.

"I won't be celebrating Christmas this year," O'Brien said in the middle of the set. "This is Christmas for me."

Guitarist James Hughes did a mean Jimi Hendrix during their "Purple Haze" cover, bassist Brendan "Fuzz" Floyd belted out some impressive notes when he and Hughes switched guitars for "Lemon Song," and drummer Brian Aranda sang a slow version of T-Pain's "I'm Sprung," which drove the ladies in the crowd wild.

A Cool Stick didn't play to a packed house, but the house was definitely packed with energy. The audience especially loved "I Love Knowledge," a parody of Asher Roth's "I Love College," "Turn Me Up," "Guns Drawn" and "All Day Long," which ended the show with nearly everyone singing along.

(Photo courtesy of the band's MySpace site)

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