Why I like restaurants with one-word names


If you knew how many rude e-mails I get every day, you would understand why I sometimes get cranky on this blog.

It's like people who create computer viruses, as the Zen Master pointed out this morning when I told him about Phil's e-mail complaining about my Volt review. Some folks just like adding a minor bit of unhappiness to the world's general pool.

I particularly enjoyed this comment of Phil's: ...

A friend of mine said some time ago that you're a sucker for restaurants with trendy one-syllable names, no matter the quality of the food or service. Have you perhaps lost your perspective---or your good judgment?

If he meant I like restaurants where the owners and chefs are familiar with restaurants and cooking trends in LA and New York (including the trend of naming restaurants with one word), he's right.

If he meant I like restaurants where they are willing to take chances -- and fail sometimes -- to produce imaginative food using good, fresh ingredients, then, yes, I'm a sucker for that.

Do I allow them some leeway for what they're attempting to do, and am I sorry when we lose them (like Ixia, Bicycle and Dogwood) and think Baltimore is a poorer place for their loss? Then yes.

Do I like the trend of one-word restaurant names?

As I said in a post more than a year ago, "This oh-so-cutting-edge trend of interesting-sounding but only vaguely relevant one-word names for new restaurants could get old fast." 

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