Top 10 Foods to Eat When You Have the Flu


I'm gearing up to have the flu because I keep putting off getting a flu shot, only because rumors still abound that we will get them here at the Sun in spite of the new Purell dispensers.

This is one of those cases where waiting for a discounted flu shot that may or may not happen night not be the best idea, but whatever. ... 

So in honor of high fever, muscle aches, sore throats, coughs and even a touch of nausea, this week's Top 10 Tuesday features my 10 favorite sick foods. Thanks to Charm City Mom Kate for suggesting the idea:

* Orange juice/ginger ale. This isn't an either-or. It's orange juice mixed with ginger ale half and half over ice because for some reason at the time you need orange juice most, it tastes worst. The ginger ale cuts the acidity and is bubbly, which adds interest at a time when not much is interesting, including whether you live or die.

* Chicken noodle soup from Eddie's at Roland Park. Last winter when I had the Endless Cold, I stopped at Eddie's every night for a week and picked up either chicken noodle or Maryland crab. One or the other was always available. Either will work, but the chicken noodle was my favorite. Please post below if you have other sources to recommend.

* Saltines. With or without the soup. An essential.

* Spicy ramyun noodles with egg from Nina's Espresso Bar. (Ramen noodles to us Americans.) Nina's is the Korean cafe near the Sun, which you wouldn't exactly guess from the name, and this is the best $5.75 you can spend when you're sick and have a stuffy nose. Better than Afrin.

* Raita and rice. I discovered this combo during my last Brush with Death, chronicled on this blog. I believe the raita contains enough probiotics to conquer any flu bug, but that's just my justification for craving Indian yogurt/salad at a time like this.

* Baugher's canned peaches in heavy syrup. Opening a can of these was a desperation move on my part. (I had very little sick food in the house when I was last under the weather.) But they went down remarkably easily, and the heavy syrup, which would normally be gaggingly sweet, tasted even better than the peaches.

* Jamba Juice. We have a slight problem here, folks. We don't have a Jamba Juice in the Baltimore area as far as I know. The closest is DC. When Gailor lived in Beverly Hills, she had a Jamba Juice franchise a couple of blocks from her apartment. Once when I was visiting her and caught a bad cold, I lived on Jamba Juice for the duration of my short visit. My cold was gone before I left. Maybe other smoothies would work too, but I've never had any others.

* Wonton soup from Jumbo Seafood in Pikesville. You may begin to see a soup pattern here. I recommend the Hong Kong Style Crystal Won Ton Soup ($7), with "crystal wonton, dim sum style, thinner wrapper filled with chicken & shrimp."

* Spumoni ice cream (or gelato). Unfortunately I haven't seen it around here anywhere. The last time I had it was in Venice, incredibly smooth and creamy and just the thing to calm an incipient sore throat.

* Hot tea with lemon and sugar. Two things I never put in my tea normally taste right when I have a cold or the flu. I have no idea why.


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