The Midnight Sun Social is approaching

Nudge nudge. Hey buddy, did you hear? The Midnight Sun Social is only a couple weeks away.

In a world where everybody and their brother is using social media to encourage get-togethers, I just wanted to issue a warm, personal reminder that if you don't come to the Midnight Sun Social (it's Thursday, Oct. 29 at Bad Decisions), I will reach through your computer screen and ever so gently slap you in the mouth ...

As previously stated, since the Social is so close to Halloween, I think costumes would be cool. You know what's even lamer cooler? Showing up dressed up as something blog-related. For example, someone could show up as Chris Sligh, or Zero Tolerance Parking, or the Flower Dude or ... something. Just a thought.

Anyhow, I'll see ya in a few weeks!

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