Quick hits on WWE Superstars

• Thursday’s episode of WWE Superstars was pretty ordinary. Nothing really stood out as being especially good or bad.

• The Kofi Kingston-Miz match told a story that allowed both guys to look strong heading into Sunday’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Miz dominated the contest before Kingston scored the win out of nowhere with Trouble in Paradise. You left the match with the impression that Miz is a real threat to the title and that Kingston is very resilient.• The Shad Gaspard-Tyson Kidd bout was a decent big man versus little man match. The finish was good, as Kidd did a springboard and was caught by Gaspard, who then hit his STO finisher for the win.

• There wasn’t much heat for the Sheamus-Tyler Reks match. Sheamus still isn’t fully connecting with the crowd, and the fans really haven’t been given much reason to get behind Reks. It was kind of sad when Reks tried to get the crowd to cheer him during his comeback and he was met with indifference.

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