Pagano accepts the blame

With generous helpings of criticism aimed at the Ravens' secondary, secondary coach Chuck Pagano said he is just as culpable for the defensive backfield's mistakes as his players.

But Pagano said ranting and raving about the secondary's problems aren't going to solve the issue.

"I could go in there and just get irate," he said. "But that’s the last thing they need. We need to say, ‘Why? Why is it happening?’ Point out why, fix the technique, and if it’s the communication, fix the communication, and play the coverages. They’ve shown the ability on certain plays. It’s just consistency. If someone gets beat up front, it’s not a home run. But we all know on the back end, if we screw up back there, the next thing you’re calling for is the block team on a PAT. They understand that, and we understand that. We’ve got to do a better job of coaching, and that’s my responsibility."

Pagano said he has resisted listening to talk radio or reading Internet message boards. He even canceled his wife's subscription to The Sun.

"Obviously, you’re going to hear it and it’s going to get back to you," he said. "But like I tell those guys, we’ve opened up a can of worms and until we put out the fire, it is what it is. They understand that, playing the position and I understand that, coaching the position. It’s a little bit of that deal where if you’re playing really well and shutting people down, boy, they love you. And when it doesn’t happen and you’re giving up big, explosive plays, you’re not worth a darn. … You’ve got to stay consistent. You’ve got to have conviction in what you’ve done for 26 years as a coach and what you know as a player and stick to the grind and don’t press. The harder you try, sometimes the worse it gets."

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