New kids on the block

At the age of 47, Ravens coach John Harbaugh is young, energetic, and fit. Surprisingly, however, he is not one of the youngest head coaches in the NFL.

Harbaugh's not even in the top 10, ranking 12th. Sunday's opponent, the Denver Broncos, boasts the league's second-youngest head coach in Josh McDaniels, who is less than five months older than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Raheem Morris.

Harbaugh was asked Monday during his weekly briefing with the media about the trend of younger head coaches.

"I didn’t really react to it age-wise," he said. "You’re happy for guys to get an opportunity. You look at Jon Gruden. He was a pretty good coach, and he was young when he got his opportunities. There are guys that I think have had an opportunity over the years because they start in this league so early and they have maybe an exposure to a guy like Bill Belichick – in Jon Gruden’s case, Ray Rhodes and some different guys – that help them become something from a knowledge standpoint and understanding and dealing with players in this league at an early age. So guys are ready when they’re ready and obviously, it’s paid off pretty well for Denver."

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