McClain seeks counsel from former Raven Neal

Fullback Le'Ron McClain said one of the people he trusts for counsel is former Raven Lorenzo Neal, who was the team's fullback last season.

"I text Lorenzo every now and then and we talk," McClain said. "He just tells me to stay focused, be patient. I’m a patient guy, and I’m trying to be humble. I know my day will come. I feel like in my heart, before I get done playing in this league, I can be a good tailback. I’m just going to continue to work hard and be the best back I can be."

McClain said Neal is a straight shooter when the two talk.

"He’s always keeping it positive, but also telling me the truth and everything," McClain said with a grin. "One thing he’s always telling me, ‘Just stay positive and don’t let it get to you. Even if you don’t get a carry this season or don’t have another touchdown, just stay positive and win games.’ That’s the main thing."

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