Ireland on the Patapsco; cold drizzle continues

The full range of temperatures here at The Sun from Thurday afternoon to Friday morning was a measly 6 degrees - from a high of 47 to a low this morning of 41. It was colder out on the WeatherDeck this morning, and out at BWI, too, where we dipped to 40 degrees and tied the coldest reading for the season so far.

The prospects aren't any better. Forecasters out at Sterling expect daytimes highs will be stuck in the 40s through Sunday. And that, as we've noted, will set a new record of four straight days in October below 50 degrees. We've had three straight October days in the 40s before, but never four since record-keeping began in 1871.

Official forecast highs for the airport:  45, 44 and 46 degrees, for Friday through Sunday.

And, there are more records set to fall, says Steve Zubrick, science and operations officer for the NWS forecast office in Sterling:

"Also, today (Thursday), broke  the record low maximum of 50 set in 1876 ! And, if we actually get three more days of sub-50 Fahrenheit ... those will all be new record low maxima. Yesterday's (Wednesday's) high of 50 degrees F at BWI tied the record low max ... Impressive early-season cold."

And wait! There's more...

"If our forecast holds...that would make  5 days of record LO-MAX readings. I'll have to look that up...and I did. The longest number of consecutive days in a given year of setting the record LO-MAX happens to be 5 in a row...back from Feb. 9-13, 1899. What a cold snap that was! (Daily high temperature) readings were 8 / 3 / 11/ 11/ 10 during that spell...and the reading of 3-above on the 10th of Feb. is the all-time lowest LO-MAX reading for Baltimore for not only the month (Feb) but for the entire year."

Then there's the drizzle. The dripping that began on Wednesday has added up to just two-thirds of an inch here at The Sun. Ditto for BWI. But it has made for plenty of headaches on the morning and afternoon commutes. Not sure why that is. I know rain flummoxes drivers in Los Angeles, but I thought it took a "wintry mix" to do that to Marylanders.

Speaking of wintry mixes, forecasters are still noting the possibility of rain AND snow for Saturday night in suburbs west and north of Baltimore and Washington, including WestminsterHagerstown and points west could see snow mix in by tonight. Garrett County is looking at some accumulating snow today and through the weekend.

State College, PA. recorded its earliest measurable snowfall, with 0.3 inch on the ground Thursday.

And then there are the high tides. The lingering low pressure off the coast is drawing more water up into the Chesapeake Bay, and easterly winds are throwing it up against the Western Shore. Coastal Flood Advisories are posted for the region.

Add to that the new moon on Sunday and we have water lapping up over the shoreline. Eric Bates checked in from Quinby, Va., this morning, with a photo of the flooding along the piers there. Anyone else have any Maryland high-tide photos this morning?

Then there's this, from the Associated Press:

An autumn storm brought snow to parts of Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, the earliest snow on record in some towns used to harsh winters.

Cornell University weather scientists say the snow that started Thursday set records for the earliest date with an inch of snow in Binghamton, Ithaca and Olean in New York and Altoona and State College in Pennsylvania.

The National Weather Service says there's 4.5 inches of snow in State College, Pa., and 2 more inches are possible through Saturday morning.

Port Allegany in northwestern Pennsylvania and Perrysburg in western New York both got more than 3 inches of snow. Most areas east of Lake Erie and parts of northwestern New Jersey got 2 inches or less.

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