Friedgen: 'I'm proud of them'

Maryland did not enjoy much success in the season's first half, but coach Ralph Friedgen says he admires his team's work ethic. The Terps may be young, weakened by injuries and winners of only two of six games, but Fridge says they are practicing with the same enthusiasm as before.

"I haven’t changed how I feel about these guys. They came out and practiced hard last night," he said.

"If anything, I’m proud of them. We’ve got some guys that are nicked up and I’m trying to take it easy on them a little bit so we can get them well, but yet they still want to go. That’s a thing I appreciate very much and kind of love them for it," the coach said.

And here's Fridge on kick returner-wide receiver Torrey Smith, who has emerged as a star this season:

"The type of individual he is, I would be proud to have him as my son. He’s just a great human being. He’s very popular on the team. He’s a very caring person. Last week in the locker room, in the second half and also after the game, he just refused to quit. He’s very special to me."

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