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Center Stage celebrates the musical language of Oscar Wilde

For those of you craving a break from my musical ramblings, I thought I should, immodestly, direct you to my review in today's paper of "The Importance of Being Earnest," Center Stage's season-opener.

One of the production's many pleasures is simply the opportunity to revel in the language of Oscar Wilde, as melodious and witty as a Haydn symphony.

Speaking of Wilde and music, there is a musical of his comic masterpiece from 1960 titled "Earnest in Love." Maybe it's ripe for revival here. It was, apparently, a hit in a version produced four years ago in Japan, performed by an all-female cast (don't ask me why). Here's a taste of that staging, "A Handbag is Not a Proper Mother," sung by Lady Bracknell when she discovers that Mr. Worthing was "born or, at any rate, bred in a handbag;" and a duet for Jack and Algernon, during the muffin scene:

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