The Rowhouse Grille will (hopefully) open soon

The Rowhouse Grille, South Baltimore's newest restaurant and bar, is just about ready to open.

According to co-owner Patrick Dahlgren, The Rowhouse, which replaced the Light Street Station at 1400 Light St., could have a soft opening as early as two weeks from now.

Don't hold your breath, though. That schedule depends on city inspections, permits, etc. all happening on time. And those kinds of things rarely go as planned.

Dahlgren gave me a tour of the building, which is pretty impressive. If you ever went to the Light Street Station, you'd never recognize it now ...

The building itself has been completely gutted and redone -- from the new oak bar to the new cherry wood floorboards. The second floor, which will be opened later than the downstairs, has a lounge with a fireplace, chandelier and high ceiling.

"The upstairs is a lot different than any place around here," Dahlgren said. He's right.

Dahlgren and his business partner Joseph Flynn installed eight taps upstairs and down, as well as two flat screen TVs behind the downstairs bar. Neither Dahlgren or Flynn have worked much in the service business before -- they're both "first-timers," as Dahlgren said.

Since Dahlgren is the step-son of Baltimore brew guru Hugh Sisson (the man who founded the Clipper City empire), you can expect to see plenty of Clipper City beers on tap. That's fine by me.

Dahlgren promised to keep us posted with the soft- and grand-opening dates. Stay tuned.

(Photo by me)

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