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The Comment of the Week

As much as I try to use this feature to raise Dining@Large to a loftier level of discourse, you just knew I had to make the following the Comment of the Week. EL

Welcome to the Waddle Inn where we deep fry everything. Where shortening refers to what we do to your life, lard is just the first half of your nickname and there's more recycled oil than you'll find at JiffyLube. Nothing like a dinner of deep fried filet mignon, deep fried mashed potatos (French fries are so ordinaire) and deep fried spinach, preceded, of course, by a deep fried iceberg lettuce salad (sprinkled with deep fried feta cheese.) The coup de grace, of course, before they call the paramedics, is a double order of those delicious deep fried oreos. Cocktail before dinner? A maragarita with a martini chaser? Splendid choice, Monsieur. Here at the Waddle Inn, even our customers get fried.

Posted by: Michael A. Gray | September 4, 2009 12:00 PM

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