More on Milan, Top 10 Wednesday and the sushi tour

Usually my Table Talk column doesn't contain a lot of news that you don't already know if you read this blog regularly, and today is no exception. However, it did prompt Bruce Allen, who I had heard was going to run the kitchen of the new Milan in Little Italy, to e-mail me with this news:

My name is Bruce Allen and  I was originally hired to be the Executive Chef at Milan, as stated in your article today.  However, the owner and I had some differences as to how the restaurant should be run, and we parted ways.  My Executive Sous, a young man, and excellent Chef named Shaun Boas, formerly of Liberatore's and The Elkridge Furnace Inn, has been busy working on the menu, originally created by the owners, to bring something unique to the area.  I wish Shaun luck, he is a great talent and I can't wait to see what he does with it.  In this industry and economy, I hope to find employment locally soon and you will be in to sample my food as well. Thank you for the mention.

Well, I never said the restaurant business wasn't fast-moving. I always feel a little uncomfortable writing a news story when I can't show up at the door of the restaurant and try to get the owners to talk to me. It's so easy for them not to return my phone calls until their restaurants have had their grand opening six months after the true opening and they are ready for publicity. ...

Also check out Rob Kasper today. I hadn't realized he had gone on the sushi tour until I saw his column this morning. The tour was probably a very good idea to spread the word about Towson's sushi restaurants.

As usual, the main reason to check out Top 10 Wednesday is to see if your comment made its way in. Otherwise it's old news for regular blog readers.

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