Sword attacks not uncommon in Baltimore area

The Johns Hopkins student who apparently fought back against an intruder on Tuesday used a unique weapon to kill -- a samurai sword.

But looking back through Baltimore Sun clips I found that the samurai sword or weapons that resemble a samurai sword has been used many times before in our area (though I have to say, this appears to be the first samurai sword killing in Baltimore City in at least three years. City police list "zero" under sword killings in their year-end homicide statistical survey.).

Here's a website with a history of the samural sword that looked interesting.

I only had to go back to March of this year to find the first mention of a samurai sword. A California gang member was sent to Baltimore to separate real Bloods members from fake Bloods members, and police said he tortured a 19-year-old man, smashed him with a sledgehammer, cut him with a box cutter and stabbed him with a samurai sword. He then set the body on fire. The man's crime against the gang: he refused to send money to a gang member in prison. The victim died and the gang member was convicted of murder.

In 2003, an Edgewood man was accused of attacking his girlfriend in their home using a "samurai-style sword" and then leading Maryland State Police troopers on a 60-mph chase.

In 2000, police in Anne Arundel County shot a woman armed with a knife who was fighting with her husband who had a samurai sword.

In 1993, a fistfight at a party in Baltimore County ended with a 25-year-old man dead on a living room floor -- nearly decapitated by a samurai sword.

And in 1991, two men were fatally stabbed in Baltimore County after a fight in which one of the combatants was armed with a samurai-style sword.

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