So I tried Drank ...

Drink, Drank, drunk.

Dude. I just, like, pounded a 16-ounce can of the "extreme relaxation beverage" Drank.

My roll has officially been slowed.

According to the can, I consumed 20 mg of Valerian root extract, 20 mg of rose hips extract, 2 mg of melatonin and, like, 220 calories(!).

I pounded it, too, in 15 minutes. 

How was it? Sweet.

Literally -- sweet. I think my teeth just disintegrated. Maybe it's just the melatonin. I don't know ...

Just like the can, Drank is purple. It kinda tastes like purple soda/children's medicine mixed with Red Bull.

Yeah. Not really my thing.

But I do feel pretty good.

I feel really goood, acutalytll. Man, hold ohn a second. 'm gonna take a quicak nap.


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