RailsConf coming to Baltimore in 2010

Mike Subelsky tells us about a cool conference that's coming to town next June. Mark your calendars (if you've bought a 2010 calendar already).

RailsConf, an annual four-day gathering of Ruby-on-Rails enthusiasts, announced this week that their 2010 conference will be held in Baltimore. I've attended it for the past few years and always had a great time. Why is this a big deal?

1) Rails is an important web technology used to build web applications quickly and flexibly; the most famous example is Twitter.

2) This is the first time RailsConf has been on the East Coast (in years past it was held in Portland, OR and Las Vegas).

3) It's going to bring a couple of thousand smart technologists from all over the world to our region and will be a great opportunity to show off the city and state to people who might someday make a home here, start a business here or work for a startup here.

4) It will attract many programmers and entrepreneurs from the region to Baltimore who might not otherwise have a chance to be exposed to the cutting edge of web app development.

5) There's a pretty large group of Ruby and Rails programmers in the area, with regular meetups in Northern Virginia, DC, and Baltimore. This event will help put that community on the map!

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