Owl Meat's Tipsy Tuesdays: The asparagus drip

Even if this is true, I don't think I'm going to be wringing asparagus stalks into my mouth the morning after a bender. Owl Meat, however, sounds quite pumped:

News flash – asparagus may cure your hangover. Really. According to new research, minerals and amino acids in asparagus leaves and shoots may actually ease the symptoms of a hangover and protect your liver from the toxins associated with alcohol and its metabolism.
“Cellular toxicities were significantly alleviated in response to treatment with the extracts of asparagus leaves and shoots,” said lead researcher B.Y. Kim, in a news release from the Institute of Food Technologists. “These results provide evidence of how the biological functions of asparagus can help alleviate alcohol hangover and protect liver cells.”
This could be huge. I'm not aware of any scientific studies that have shown anything to be effective at curing a hangover. Most focus on prevention. Plus every Dr. Obvious says, "Well, you knoooooow, the best cure is to not drink too much in the first place." ...

I wanted to know what amino acids and minerals they were crediting, but I can't access the article online. There are only so many amino acids, the building blocks of protein. I assume that the main amino acid here is asparagine, which was the first amino acid isolated in 1806 from asparagus juice.
Asparagine is what gives your urine that distinctive asparagus smell. I love the scene in the movie Election where the two high school girls use their asparagine whiff time as a love-bonding experience.
I searched high and low but could find no asparagus wine, liquor, or liqueur. I was not surprised. Ever hear of drink involving asparagus? Me neither, but maybe some day given the new research.
Oh sweet asparagatini! How about a spear of the 'gus in a Bloody Mary?  I could do that. Pickled baby asparagus in your martini? Perhaps some day. I smell a future trend. Ewwwww.

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