Orioles: All's well that ends well

There was some talk in the press box during the rain delay that Jim Johnson had thrown quite a bit in the bullpen in anticipation of pitching the ninth inning, but he warmed up again and entered the game in the top of the ninth to give up a game-tying home run to Ben Zobrist.

No big deal. The blown save turned into his fourth victory of the year when Matt Wieters slammed a two-run walkoff homer in the bottom of the ninth to win the game, and everybody who has been concerned about Wieters soft home run total can stand down.

When young players get to the major leagues, power generally is the last thing to blossom. Nolan Reimold is an exception (as was Evan Longoria last year), but Reimold spent a lot more time in the minor leagues developing his power stroke. Wieters will hit his share of home runs. Don't worry about that.

What I'm really impressed with right now is the way Wieters is throwing the ball. He gunned down Carl Crawford twice tonight -- something that has only happened one other time in Crawford's career. Obviously, Wieters was rushing early in the season and his mechanics were out of whack. Now, he looks very relaxed and he's putting the ball in the right place with a lot on it.

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