More on the burger truck, sushi and Top 10 Wednesday

I only got one person (thanks, Bacon Girl) telling me how lunch was from the Kooper's Tavern Chowhound burger truck yesterday. I'm going to give you a second chance as I link to my Table Talk column today, which gives more details about the roving lunch wagon. 

I'm hoping this gives rise to all sorts of interesting trucks that stop near the Sun at lunchtime every once in awhile. Our choices around here are pretty limited unless we want to walk up to Charles Street. (Although I did have another excellent grilled cheese and tomato sandwich at Nina's. How do they get the bread so crispy without making it too dark?) ...

In today's column I also talk about the Towson sushi press tour and one more sushi restaurant that opened this summer in the area. I wish I had waited a week, because I just learned about another sushi restaurant that opened recently, this one in Pikesville, and I could start talking about trends.

In fact, we should have a live chat about how and why sushi restaurants got to be so popular in the Baltimore area, and why raw fish rolled in rice and seaweed took off the way it has.

Speaking of which, you still have a couple of days to vote on the next live chat topic if you haven't already. It will take place next Monday, Sept. 14, at noon. But you can submit comments/questions half an hour before to make sure you get a place in the queue.

Of course, today is also the day Top 10 Tuesday from last week appears in the print edition. Not many comments made it in, and they were all by regulars.

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