Hit me with your favorite sendoff lines ...

I've got a bit of a project afoot, and I'm trying to remember as many of the sendoff lines from reality TV shows as I can. There are the usual suspects:

--Survivor: "The tribe has spoken."

--The Biggest Loser: "You are not The Biggest Loser."

--Top Chef: "Please pack your knives and go."

--Big Brother: "You have been evicted from the Big Brother house."

--America's Next Top Model: "You're no longer in the running to become America's Next Top Model." (Succinct, no?)

--Project Runway: "You're out."

--Design Star: "Your show has been canceled."

Help me remember some others. I know some of the smaller shows have even more absurd lines, but for some reason, my memory is failing.

(Photo of Surivor host Jeff Probst courtesy of CBS)

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