Flatbreads vs. pizza


When I ate at the B & O American Brasserie last week I was struck once again by the fact that stylish restaurants no longer have pizza, they have flatbreads, preferably from a brick oven. When did this happen?

I looked back in our archives, and I found that our food stories were talking about flatbread as early as the early '90s, but then it was always called "foccaccia flatbread." A quick Google search shows that people are making flatbread pizzas with both foccaccia and lavash crusts. ...

Woodberry Kitchen was the first restaurant where I realized that the trend had hit Baltimore big time. When I checked its menu just now, I saw it currently features a "Solstice Flatbread" with roasted squash, pesto, and Cherry Glen goat's cheese.

B & O does have one offbeat one with ricotta, asparagus, egg and parmesan cheese; but three others are more traditional: Margherita, meatball and pepperoni. (OK, this last does have arugula.)

Stouffer's now puts out a Corner Bistro Flatbread. That's when you know a trend has reached its zenith and is probably on its way down.

I should do a poll to see whether readers prefer flatbreads or pizzas.

(Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens/MCT)

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