Are you ready to try for Bruce Springsteen 1st Mariner tickets?

Oh man oh man, it's almost time -- tickets for Bruce Springsteen's 1st Mariner Arena gig go on sale at 10 a.m.

This is the first time the Boss has played in Baltimore proper since 1973, when he performed at -- you guessed it -- the 1st Mariner Arena (then known as the Baltimore Civic Center). I wonder if Bruuuce remembers that gig.

The Nov. 20 gig will probably be a nostalgia trip for Springsteen, considering the venue has barely changed in the past 36 years. Heh.

If you end up getting tickets or have problems getting tickets, this is the place to share your experience. Let me know how it goes, and, of course, good luck!

(AP photo)

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