When can your baby start eating sushi?

The PR person for RA Sushi suggested a post on when it's OK for babies to eat sushi. Actually she first suggested it to Charm City Mom Kate, but I stole it from her.

This “post” or article would definitely require some research, but If you’re interested I have some sources at RA who would be happy to comment on the subject, and maybe some physicians at Saint Agnes Hospital who could comment.

The last thing we need here is expert opinion. Much better for readers to tell us their real-life experiences of feeding raw fish to their babies. ...

Haha. Just kidding.

I presume all you moms out there know raw and undercooked meat isn't safe for your baby, so raw fish is probably less safe. Don't give them raw oysters either. (Although the picture that brings to mind of plopping a raw oyster down on the high chair tray where you usually put Cheerios and watching Baby deal with it is pretty funny.)

Use a little common sense here, folks.

And why go to pediatricians and nutritionists for the answer when you can Google it?

Actually, the Web page I just linked to seems pretty sensible, although I would be wary of feeding even my five-year-old raw fish. I'd just stick to vegetarian sushi and maybe a California roll (which contains cooked seafood) until -- oh, I don't know -- the kid is in college.

(Photo of Baby Lila courtesy of Bridget Forney)


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