Unlimited tapas for Restaurant Week


Midnight Sun Sam tells me he's going to La Tasca, the tapas bar in the Inner Harbor, for Restaurant Week.

That surprised me until he said you get unlimited tapas for your $20.09 at lunch or $30.09 at dinner.

My reaction: a) I wanted a mini-review of his meal and b) I didn't believe him. ...

But sure enough, when I checked the Restaurant Week Web site, it confirmed that the offer was unlimited tapas.

It still seemed unlikely, so I called La Tasca to make sure.

I spoke to Tan Ahmed, a manager/server, who said it's been working very well for them this week. Not only that, the same deal is available every Wednesday. Ahmed said it's been a good way to introduce folks to tapas who aren't familiar with the concept.

Sam, we await your review.

(David Hobby/Sun photographer)

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