The ultimate 'Ode to Joy,' at a Proms concert in London

I complained a while back about the Baltimore Symphony's nearly annual reprise of Beethoven's Ninth for the summer season, not because I don't like the work or because I don't appreciate its ability to attract audiences, including many first-timers. It's just that I think the BSO should try to shed new perspectives on the well-worn symphony when it offers yet another reprise, and I think I've found the ultimate example.

Thanks to for alerting me to a BBC story about a performance this week in London at the venerable Proms that has greatly expanded the previous known boundaries of interpreting the famous "Ode to Joy" finale of the Ninth Symphony -- using nearly 1,000 ukuleles. Can't we be this trendy in Baltimore? Click here for a taste of how it sounded. You may never think of the "Ode" the same way again.


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