The oddest urinals I've ever seen

Longtime readers of Midnight Sun know I've got something of a bathroom fetish.

Maybe "fetish" is too strong a word. Lemme try that again.

Longtime readers of Midnight Sun know I've got a keen interest in bathrooms and bathroom accessories.

The only hand dryers I'll use are the XLerators, which are so strong they almost blow the skin off your hand.

That said, I've never seen something quite like the urinals at The Reserve (1542 Light St.). They're oval-shaped and inset into the wall. But the oddest part is, they don't flush ...

In that respect, they're kind of like the troughs you see at American Legion halls. I assume there's some natural force -- gravity, perhaps? -- that takes care of that for you.

Either way, it kinda freaks me out.

Urinals should flush. That is a rule. Urinals that don't flush -- especially in bar bathrooms -- are asking for trouble.

Do these kind of urinals exist in other Baltimore joints? Is this a trend?

I certainly hope not. Nasty nasty.

(Photo by me)

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