Orioles: Jones and the silver lining

Adam Jones continues to rehab his sore back, which represents a significant loss of run-production potential, but might actually be a positive thing for the club on a couple of levels. The injury has forced manager Dave Trembley to play Felix Pie every day in center field, which -- even with his mistake-marred Tuesday night performance -- has given Pie a chance to demonstrate how much he has progressed since the start of the season.

He's still a very flawed player who sometimes acts like he's on Mars, but he has become more disciplined at the plate and he has shown how valuable he can be as a fourth outfielder. Who knows, another good month and he might even have some trade value if the Orioles decide to package some prospects for a marquee veteran pitcher or corner infielder.

Meanwhile, Jones has gotten a chance to sit and watch the game for the past week, which is not necessarily a bad thing either. He had fallen into an offensive rut at midseason, so he might benefit from the opportunity to watch the game from another angle for awhile. The Orioles can only hope.

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