Next week: Housing forecaster takes your questions


Ask and you shall receive ... answers.

Housing economist and forecaster Celia Chen of Moody's has kindly agreed to take reader questions in a live chat next week. Mark your calendars: Next Thursday -- Aug. 20 -- at noon.

But I encourage you to start asking your questions now. Comment below with 'em. Questions in the queue will ensure that we start the chat off with a bang rather than a whimper, and it's a way for you to participate even if you can't be here (virtually speaking) at the appointed time.

The Baltimore Sun has been doing live chats every week, but this will be the first about housing. Let's make it a good one! I know you're interested, because "housing-market forecaster" was your top choice when I asked what sorts of experts you'd like to question.

Here's a little bit about Chen:

A senior director of the Moody's research staff, she manages the company's regional house price forecast models, develops proprietary housing market indicators and writes extensively about housing issues. Chen earned her Ph.D. -- with a concentration in econometrics and international finance -- at the University of Pennsylvania.

She's happy to take housing-outlook questions about metro areas and the nation. Just don't make your questions too specific. ("What's going to happen to prices on 30-year-old split-levels in Cockeysville that were recently renovated" -- way too specific.)

Commence the questioning.

(Photo courtesy of Moody's

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