New real estate poll: Staying or moving

Few of us stay in the same house all our lives -- it's the nature of our transient society, not to mention our penchant for moving out of Mom and Dad's when we grow up.

I've been wondering, though, how many people are staying put when they'd rather not. Homeowners stuck because their mortgage balances are higher than their values, for instance. Or folks leery of getting a bigger place (for rent or sale) because of recession-fueled job insecurity.

I'm in the second group, as it happens. What little space I have is chock full of baby gear, but you sort of think twice about taking on more debt when your employer is in bankruptcy.

So share with me: Are you satisfied with your home? Wish you could move on, but can't?

What's your housing situation?(survey)

And while you're at it, share how long you've been where you are:

I've been in my current home(survey software)

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